STI 【BRAHMS】☆ブラインドシェード☆ ニッサン ルークス [ML21S] 『フルセット』 【P20Aug16】 5door

(Note: English translation forthcoming in another post, although I am not in any way claiming to be expertly fluent in Japanese; at best I’m functionally able. As a pretext, this is - an excerpt of - a remarkably personal article written by Yoko at the time of the Lost Weekend which recounts her stay in a mental institution, her progression of her relationship with her second husband Tony Cox, her relationship with her daughter Kyoko, and the loneliness she felt in Japan in contrast to the sanctuary she experienced in New York.)


福島県郡山市で開かれる市制50周年記念「ワンステップ・フェスティバル」に出演す|/> 74年9月#62655864285"> Permalink

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  • 2 years ago